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Weight and Load Restriction
Weight and Load Restriction

POA of The Shores, Inc.

Vehicle Weight and Load Restriction and Fine Policy

Effective January 1, 2016

On January 1, 2016, the following weight and load restrictions will become effective:

· Maximum 6-yard load for heavy materials, specifically, concrete, gravel, select fill, stone, sand, topsoil, asphalt, dredged material from lake.

· Maximum 12-yard load for lighter weight materials, specifically, mulch, play chips.

· Maximum 10-pallets, specifically sod, brick, stone, pavers (when brick and stone is sold by the pallet vs. the yard).

· Maximum 40,000 pound gross vehicle weight on all other materials, e.g., lumber.

· Loads exceeding 40,000 must be transferred to a smaller vehicle / trailer on Spur 294 for delivery inside The Shores.

· Moving Vans are exempted from the Policy.

Required: All concrete deliveries require that the member provide copies of delivery documents showing loads of 6-yards or less. Failure to provide documentation within 30-days following a concrete delivery will result in a fine (see below).

POA of The Shores reserves the right to request members to provide documentation from other deliveries showing loads met the above restrictions. Failure to provide copies within 30-days of a written request will result in a fine (see below).

Fines will be assessed as follows:

· $500 per load exceeding weight or load restriction.

· $500 per load for failure to provide copies of delivery document within 30-days of written request.

· $5,000 per concrete pour for failure to provide delivery documents showing loads of 6-yards or less within 30-days of concrete pour completion.

Request to the ACC for approval of site improvements will require the member to acknowledge that they understand and will comply with this policy before approval is granted.

Required delivery documents will be submitted to:

Cornerstone Association Management Services, Inc.
P O Box 191185 Dallas, TX 75219
Phone: (214) 520-0099 | Fax: (214) 520-6463


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